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In the beginning, America was a mostly Caucasian dominated society.  From this world comic books were born and, with them, the legendary superheroes we know to this day–  Superman, Captain America, Batman, Ironman, Flash, Spider-man and on and on.  Men (and a few woman on occasion, because it was also a male-dominated society) drawn in the image of their creators: Caucasian.

But that’s just the way things were.  An artist/creator can’t be faulted for writing what they know.  And on the times they reached outside that box, they created ‘ethnic’ characters that were such stereotypes that they were almost racist.

ApachechiefLuke_CageThings have changed as the world becomes interconnected.  There are several African and African American superheroes and villains; a few Asian ones (Asia being any of those countries out near China, but it doesn’t mater as long as they know some kind of martial art or carry a sword), there are a few Hispanic ones (though I can’t think of them straight away and I’m sure some…

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Thùy Linh

Vào tháng 9,10 là mùa gặt Mù Cang Chải. Người ta lên đó ngắm cảnh, chụp ảnh nhiều lắm. Những sườn đồi chỉ toàn màu vàng ươm của lúa chín, lượn vòng theo ruộng bậc thang như những lượt sóng mềm mại. Đẹp mộng mị, mê hoặc, lãng mạn và thanh thoát…

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